Facilities and Projects Involved

The following is an outline of projects vary in scopes and sizes that I have worked on as a Project Captain, Project Manager and Project Architect for two Archhitectural firms in the past 15 years. My direct responsibilities include designing, construction documentation, coordination with consultants and enforcing agencies, quality control, construction administration, project cost estimating and facility master planning:

Doctors Medical Center, Modesto

  • E.R. Remodel and Expansion
  • Radiology remodel projects. Various equipment rehab including: X-Ray, C.T. Scanner, Nuclear Medicine, Cath Lab, Angio and Dark Room
  • ICU/Pediatric Remodel -remodel and upgrade the entire 3rd and 4th floor of North Tower
  • Pediatric Remodel and Refurbishment
  • Orthopedic refurbishment
  • Pharmacy Remodel
  • Assemble the entire facility as-built into CAD files
  • Administration and Engineering office remodel
  • Various Reroofing and HVAC upgrade
  • Various medical office Tenant Improvement projects
  • Temporary Conference Center
  • Oncology Refurbishment

Memorial Medical Center, Modesto

  • Project 40, West Expansion. a 5 story structure addition as follows: O.B./Post Partum, Lobby/Registration on ground floor, ICU/CCU on second floor, and shelled 3rd, 4th and 5th floor
  • Radiology remodel projects. Equipment rehab including: X-Ray, Linear Accelerator and Simulator
  • O.R. remodel and Cardiovascular Surgery Room remodel
  • Soiled and Clean Linen Storage remodel
  • Respiratory and Dialysis remodel
  • Engineering Office remodel
  • Various medical offices Tenant Improvement projects
  • Assemble the entire facility as-built into CAD files
  • Recovery and LDR Alteration

Emanuel Medical Center, Turlock

  • Various re-roofing projects
  • Assemble the entire facility as-built into CAD files
  • LDR remodel and LDRP Addition
  • Occupational and Speech Therapy remodel
  • Free standing Outpatient Diagnostic Center, Turlock Diagnostic Center
  • Radiology remodel projects. Equipment rehab including: X-ray, C.T. Scanner and Nuclear Medicine
  • Temporary classroom/office

Doctors Hospital of Manteca, Manteca

  • Assembly the entire facility as-built into CAD files
  • O.R. #3 and #4 Addition
  • Step-down Unit remode
  • LDRP rooms Addition and Remodel
  • Various new Medical Office Building and Tenant Improvement projects
  • Radiology remodel. Equipment rehab including: X-ray, Nuclear Medicine and Dark Room
  • Mobile MRI
  • Emergency Generator

Chico Community Hospital, Chico

  • Assemble the entire facility as-built into CAD files
  • Radiology room #3 equipment upgrade
  • O.R. storage addition
  • Skilled Nursing Facility conversion/remodel
  • Physical Therapy remodel
  • Preliminary design work for the new O.B. Center.
  • Geriatric Conversion

Merced Community Medical Center, Merced

  • Assembly the entire facility as-built into CAD files
  • E.R. remodel and expansion
  • Well and Intensive-care Newborn Nurseries
  • ETO Abator equipment rehab
  • SNF Conversion Study
  • Fire Alarm upgrade
  • Medical Air Dryer
  • C.T. Scanner Addition
  • Chiller Plant

Sonora Community Hospital, Sonora

  • Pharmacy relocation/remodel
  • Diesel Fuel Tanks
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • E.R. Office alteration
  • Various medical office Tenant Improvement Projects

Mad River Community Hospital, Arcata

Project cost:
Facility master planning
Outpatient Urgent Care Remodel $125,000.00

Mammoth Hospital, Mammoth Lakes

Project cost:
Facility master planning
Medical Office Building Addition and Remodel $1,160,000.00
C.T. Scanner Remodel $244,100.00
Aboveground Diesel Fuel Tank $82,000.00

Northern Inyo District Hospital, Bishop

Project cost:
Administration Building $1,201,100.00
Central Plant Expansion $1,875,000.00
Facility Expansion and Remodel $8,000,000.00
Main Laboratory Reconfiguration $500,000.00
CT Scanner Equipment Replacement $45,000.00
Clinical Laboratory $20,000.00

Ridgecrest Community Hospital, Ridgecrest

Project cost:
Radiology / LDRP Remodel $509,000.00

Sierra Kings District Hospital, Reedley

Project cost:
SNF Remodel $250,000.00

Eastern Plumas District Hospital, Portola

Project cost:
Mobile CT Scanner $35,000.00
Underground Diesel Fuel Tank $120,000.00
Medical Office Remodel $45,000.00
Dental Office Remodel $65,000.00
SNF Addition / Central Plant Expansion $2,857,000.00

John C. Fremont District Hospital, Mariposa

Project cost:
Radiology/ER/OR Remodel $1,281,000.00

Healsburg General Hospital Healdsburg

Project cost:
Emergency Room Addition and Remodel $950,000.00

Alliance Medical Center

Project cost:
New 20,000 sq.ft. MOB $4,200,000.00

Commercial / Professional Office

  • 14 & K 20,000 square-feet Professional office, Modesto
  • Completely remodel and addition to Paradise Fire Station, Modesto
  • Merced County Housing Authority, Housing complex modernization, Los Banos
  • Remodel / Kitchen Addition to the Covenant Church, Modesto
  • Merced Redevelopment Agency, Parcade, Merced
Note: I am the Project Architect for the above recent projects with project cost. All other projects were prepared and completed under the
          supervision of other Project Architects.